воскресенье, 7 февраля 2021 г.

1. China

China is held in high esteem by  1 million 449 thousand  Russian tourists. Surprised, by the way. I cannot say that flying to China is cheap, and the visa is issued for a single entry. Apparently, 1% of Russians are really real fans of Asia. 

2. Estonia

Let Estonia thanks  1 million 343 thousand  tourists from St. Petersburg for visiting their small but proud country. I risk being thrown with stones, but Estonia itself is not of any particular  interest. Another thing is its airport, which is a hub for many other destinations. This, in fact, explains such a large number of tourists from Russia. 

3. Georgia

Another fast growing country in terms of the number of tourists.  979 thousand.
And this is just the beginning. 12 Russian cities can now make direct flights to Tbilisi. I am sure that by the end of 2019 the numbers will be three times higher. Oh, and what a mountain skiing there is. You will download. 

4. Germany

950 thousand  Russian tourists per Germany, don't you want to. This is not surprising. The country is big. The flight Moscow-Cologne near Pobeda is operated with the regularity of the clockwork, 2,000 - 3,000 gold per person one way. For me, this is a great price for a beer weekend with a bite of Bavarian sausages. Ya-ya. 



Hello readers. Got my cookies that I gave you in the previous article? Brew seagulls, and we will continue to summarize tourist results in cooperation with the analytical agency Turstat.
Next in line are the  most popular destinations for Russian tourists. 
In 2018, outbound tourism grew by more than 20% to Turkey ,  Georgia ,  UAE ,  Tunisia ,  Hungary  and  Cuba, according to Turstat  Let's start at step 10
849 thousand  tourists flew to Italy for unearthly beauty  Add + 2 trips to this amount. They follow me. I just flew from Finland.